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MI \(*T▽T*)/ NA ヽ(^Д^)ノ TO !!! ヽ(*≧O≦)ノ (to match a hamuko)


I broke the link to my old brush post a while back and never got around to fixing it, but I figured I may as well update it now. Anything you’ve seen me draw in the last year or so was drawn with these brushes.

I’m just gonna assume if you want to use these you have a pretty good grasp on how SAI works. So here’s the pack. If there’s a problem with any of them please let me know.


Theme #1 v2: A Thousand Dreamers Toward Hope

Static Preview / Code


  • Sidebar (150px by 150px)
  • Splitting Sidebar
  • Hover Navigation
  • 5 Custom Links
  • Like Button


  • 400/500 Posts
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Music Player
  • Show Tags
  • Show Captions
  • Monochrome Posts
  • Static/Hover Permalink
  • Date Display (M-D-Y/D-M-Y/Y-M-D)
  • 12/24 Hour Time

It’s been a year since I’ve been making themes, so I thought might as well do a revamp of my first theme to celebrate. Looking back, my old themes were really… blegh… haha

*If you like or use this theme please like or reblog this post! It would be greatly appreciated! ^ㅁ^


The last musical performances for P3WM are now over~.A picture with Aoi Shouta as Shiomi Sakuya & Fujita Rei as Aragaki Shinjiro and Suzuki Tomonori as Amada Ken as well as two group pictures with the entire cast! The musical was great by the way~ ^__^. Shou-tan is really amazing~

Source: Aoi Shouta & Fujita Rei's Twitter

(Source: seiyuu)